Professional Deputy

At first, the professional deputy carried out its assigned duties under the name of political deputy in the formation of the ministry of borders and tribal affairs, which was recently named as the professional deputy. The directorate of planning and policy, directorate of education,directorate of research and studies and directorate of information and public relations are the four departments that organize their affairs under the leadership of a professional deputy. Professional deputy as an important deputy of the ministry carries out the following tasks according to the bill in the light of the constitution based on the policy and strategy of the ministry:

Management, planning, leadership and control of all related tasks to professional deputy. facilitating the ministry's strategic policy design, consultation with the leadership of the ministry about the working directions of all matters of professional deputy and other matters of the ministry, identifying and determining the strategic and important priorities of the ministry, implementation of the ministry's policy and making specific recommendations for the improvement of affairs, overseeing the implementation of policies at the highest level, coordination and integration of affairs by the concerned departments, organizing and leading the teaching and logistics affairs of three schools related to the ministry, development of indicators and standards of how much and how much according to the ministry's priorities, analysis and evaluation of those research and scientific projects, which are prepared by the researchers of the department of research and studies, Design and implementation of a special policy on the country's borders, Organization of development projects, Arrangement and organization of ministry publications, Participation in the important decisions of the leadership of the ministry.