Deputy Military

The office of DM for Border evaluation.
Border professional and technical evaluation DM has been created in the Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs for maintaining and guarding borders and DM activity involved fundamental major of this ministry.
Maintaining border and territorial integrity is the duty of every citizen. DM office is one of the main and important parts of the MOBTA, and functioning with the six central basis and departments as for following zones:

-East zone- in Nangarhar province
-Southeast zone-in Paktia province
-South zone- in Kandahar province
-West zone- in Herat province
-North zone - in Balkh province

-Northeast zone - in Takhar province

The main duties of over mention departments with consideration of facilities are to continuously        maintain and gourd the boarders.
How to keep to keep all the issues of maintaining and guarding of the boarders in one complex is another duty of DM.

Employees of DM office responsible for realization of mentioned policies as priority are professionals and very experienced.

The duty of DM is to analyze all the boarder issues according the strategy of MOBTA.