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There is one religion, one sect, one leadership, one ruler, one flag, one command and one decision!
We were independent in ambush against enemies, we were free in prison and We are now free and independent in the office.

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Alhaj Noorullah Noori
ښاغلي ملانورالله نوري

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Tue, Jun 04 2024 11:54 AM
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A Visit from Ghulam Khan Port and Durand's Hypothetical Line


Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs, Alhaji Mullah Noorullah Noori, visited Ghulam Khan Port of Gurbaz District and the areas near the Durand hypothetical line. . .

Mon, Mar 18 2024 9:41 AM
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Meeting with officials of a number of Foreign organizations

Sunday 7 Ramadan 1445

Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs Alhaji Mullah Noorullah Noori met with the officials of UNDP, OCHA, WFP, UNHCR and a number of other organizations. . .

Sun, Mar 10 2024 2:47 PM
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A Large Meeting of People for Strengthening the Islamic Government and National Unity at Level of Southeast Zone

10th March 2024

Ministry of border and tribal affairs held a large meeting for strengthening the Islamic government and national unity at the level of southeast zone,in Paktia province. . .

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د کابل ولایت د قومونو سره د همغږۍ غونډه

Graduation ceremony of Bayazid Roshan institute, Rahman babab, Khushal khan and pir mohamad kakar high school

د سرحدونو او قبایلو چارو وزارت مشرتابه پرون سه شنبې د روان کال د کب میاشتي په ۱۳ نېڼه د حکومت د اطلاعاتو او رسنیو په مرکز کې له ملت سره خپلې کړنې شریکې کړې.