General Directorate for Rectification of Nomads Affairs

  • Cohesion of nomads throughout the country through public awareness in order to improve the living conditions of the nomads.
  • Management and leadership of the plan, guidelines and procedures in the field of settlement of the nomadic elders in coordination with the relevant sector ministries in order to implement the policies and programs of this department in the center and provinces.
  • control and management for planning the settlement of nomads in the short, medium and long terms in order to achieve the anticipated goals.
  • Managing the suitable projects with the administration and institutions of cooperation with the general directorate for rectification of nomadic affairs in order to improve the health and veterinary status of the nomads.
  • Management of appropriate plans to higher authorities and sector departments in relation to improving the health, education and training situation, economic development and the participation of nomads in various social fields.
  • Managing the coordination process with governmental and non-governmental departments in the field of planning, development of economic policies and programs in the livestock sector and maintaining grasslands in order to realize the programs and empower the nomads in the economic sector.
  • Attracting national and international aid to improve the condition of the nomads in accordance with the goals of the department.