Brief history

During the reigns of Amir Sher Ali Khan and Amir Abdul Rahman Khan, there were institutions dedicated to the work of tribal affairs in the entire geography of historical Afghanistan, but officially in the division of tribes in the formation of supreme presidency it was established during the reign of Amanullah Shah Ghazi, in 1300 solar year and (1921 AD).

In (1309 solar year) during the reign of Muhammad Nader shah, this department was raised to the level of general management within the framework of the Supreme Presidency.

In 1326 solar and (1947 AD), the directorate of Tribal affairs was established under the government of Prime Minister Shah Mahmood Khan.

On the 19th of the sunbola month of 1332 solar year (1953, AD September 6) during the government of Prime Minister Sardar Muhammad Dawod Khan, the Permanent Department of Tribes was established in the cabinet formation.

In the year 1352 solar and (1973 AD) during the presidency of the first president of Afghanistan, Mohammad Daud Khan, the Permanent Directorate of Tribal Affairs was promoted to the Independent department of Borders and Tribal Affairs.

In Asad month of 1360 solar, the name of this department became (Ministry of Tribal Affairs).

In recent years, this ministry was renamed as the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.