Introduction of the ministry of border and tribal affairs

Central and provisional offices are playing a essential role in consolidating of state boarders monitoring Durand hypothetical line. Preserving the cultural, social, religious, political, historical traditions and customs of the tribes living across and beyond (DHL).

The ministry by coordinating the activities of central and provisional offices using available resources and with the help of influential leaders and religious scholars, achieved major success in order to resolve problems in regain cross boarder issues and historical points related to (DHL).

The government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan achieved the support of all brother hood tribes in order to straighten the national unity and political influences of government till far corners of the country

    The ministry of border and tribal affairs, considering its particular importance, has a relatively long with a brief history introduction as follow.

  • In 1300 (1921) during the reign of Amir Amanullah Khan Ghazi, under the office of chief of stuff of the prime ministers office a special department was created  for managing  the  tribal and frontier affairs;
  • It is Important to mention that similar office was functioning when Amir sher Ali khan and Amir Abdul Rahman khan were the head of the state;
  • In 1311 (1932) during the government of Sardar Hashem Khan the office for tribal and frontier affairs was upgraded to a public administration functioning within office of the Chancellors.
  • In 1336 (1947) when Shah Mahmmod khan was prime minister of Afghanistan a special office under the name of :tribal directorate (TD) was established;
  • In 19\06\1332 (06\09\1953) Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan changed the over mentioned office to “Independent tribal directorate” (ITD) and became part of the cabinet of ministers.
  • IN 26\04\1352 (16\07\1973) when Afghanistan was declared republic by Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan the (ITD) became the Ministry of Boarder and Tribal Affairs (MOBTA). as member of cabinet of ministers .
  • In 1360 the title of the ministry was changed to- the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and then to:

Ministry of Boarder and Tribal it is functioning at present time.

The title of the ministry as MOBTA clearly express ‘the vision, mission and strategy of actions:

simply focusing and consolidating all of efforts to establish and promote national unity and brother hood feelings and relations within all tribe living in Afghanistan. by holding “Jirga” (tribal gathering) as historical and ancient tradition .

       Afghanistan has been named as “land of Jirga” in history and the MOBTA is actively using “Jirga” in implementation of it policies, strategies an all issues, related to boarder and (DHL).

Ministry of boarder and tribal affairs (MOBTA) paying special attentions to improve social, economic and cultural aspects of life of tribes living across borders and beyond of Durand line, especially to create favorable conditions by taking real and practical steps by educating thousand young generation from years 6-12 through Rahman baba and Khoshal khan high school and then they have ben introduced to general national test “kankor” in order to be able to continue there high education.

In this way create conditions and opportunity for those young people who living in both side of Duran line (where there is no high school and dangerous and unsecure conditions for living exist.

  The Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs : calling on all national investors ,business community, foreign states and international organizations who are involved in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan to contribute and be more involved in the activities of the ministry in order to create more and better conditions for attract young generation  in need to be educated. In the hostels of above mentioned schools the best possible conditions have been created and special efforts have ben made to provide the best living conditions, foods and clothing for the students.

In those 2 high schools 3810 students was studying in 1387 and 694 students was graduated from year 12 and same times with special efforts and attention of leadership of the establishment in 1388 more students from provinces across Durand line and beyond and some provinces with military unsecured conditions  have been enrolled ,and special measures Have been taken to resolve the  issues of  shortage of hostels and classrooms, it was for this reason , that a new high school number 2 Khoshal Khan was opened.