Brief introduction of the Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal affairs

mobtaRespected minister Molla Noorullah Noori is son of Maulavi Ghulam Omaruddin. He was born in 1350 solar year in Bahram Khil China village, Shajoy District of Zabul Province.

He completed his primary and secondary education in different madrassas and mosques in Afghanistan. Mr. Noori can speak fluently in Dari and Arabic languages ​​besides his mother tongue.

Honorable Noori took part in the action against the former Soviet invasion and started his political life within the framework of the Movement Revolution Islamic Organization. In 1989, after the departure of the Soviet invaders from the country, Mr. Noori established a union organization in order to prevent people from wickedness and direct them to goodness and discipline that time Mr. Noori was appointed as the deputy of the organization.

 When the Islamic movement of the Taliban was started by Amirul Momineen Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid, may God have mercy on him, Mr. Noori went to Kandahar with a delegation on behalf of the Taliban from his province and joined Mullah Omer (R). Immediately after being appointed by the Mullah Omer (R) he started military work and activities together with his Taliban friends.

Before the first conquest of Kabul, he served as the deputy commander in Khost and as the governor of Maidan Wardag province. After the conquest of Kabul, he served as the governor of Laghman for two years and as the governor of Baghlan province for one year. During the last years of the rule of the Islamic Emirate, he served as the governor of Balkh province and the head of the organization in northern zone.

In 2001, during the crusader American invasion of the country, Mr. Noori was captured in the north of the country. He spent thirteen years and several months in Guantanamo prison. He memorized 20 chapters of the Holy Quran there in that difficult time and was finally independent as a result of an exchange between the Islamic Emirate and the United States of America on June 1, 2014.

After his release from that prison, he became a member of the political office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 2018, and a member of the leadership council, political office and the negotiating team with the United States of America in February 2019. With the end of the 20-years invasion in Afghanistan and the announcement of the new cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, he was appointed as the head of the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs. Looking at his work history, his skills in management, leadership, experience and abilities one thing is clear that he is a skillful leader.

 Now in a very short period of time, he was able to travel to different provinces and districts of the country, meet the people, see their problems closely, explain the objectives of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to them, and also serve the country, the people, keep their values and call every one to unity and coordination.