Khoshal khan High School

              Residents of promote areas (tribal and borders) have always been deprived of education in the country. They are rarely having access to education. Besides it other responsibilities, the Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs (MoBTA) has been providing educational services and opportunities to the residents of such disadvantage areas. For this purpose, for   the first time a school named (Tribal Independent) High School was established in the reign of Sardar Shah Mahmood Khan (1949) for the residents of above mentioned areas...

In 1950 name of the mentioned school changed to Khoshal Khan High School; and was   upgraded to high school in 1960. Currently nearly two thousand students are pursuing their education in the mentioned school which is run by 149 professional teachers, administrators and workers.                                                               

Besides educational activities, attention is being paid to sport activities. The school has football, volleyball and cricket teams which are well –trained and well equipped.  These teams have participated in several domestic level competitions so far, that have had great achievements for the school.