A large tribal gathering was held in Kandahar province

Wed, Feb 01 2023 5:55 PM


The Ministry of Borders, and Tribal Affairs organized a large public and tribal meeting in Kandahar province to unite the tribes, listen to the problems of the people and support the government. The meeting was attended by the acting minister of the mentioned ministry, Alhaji Mullah Noorullah Noori, the vice minister of coordination of Jirgas and tribal affairs of the ministry, Mullah Abdul Khaliq Abid, the delegation, the deputy governor of the province, heads of directorates, scholars and tribal leaders.


Several leaders spoke on behalf of the people of the districts and the center. Then, the Acting Minister of MOBTA, while talking to the meeting, mentioned that province as  the home of all the heroes and added that during the brutal American invade, not only the Islamic system and independence were destroyed though the distortion of Islamic and Afghan values, theft, usurpation, corruption and intellectual deviation reached its peak and western culture became popular. with the victory of the IEA all these problems were prevented. Al-Hajj Mulla Abdul Khaliq Abid, vice minister for Coordination of Jirgas and Tribal Affairs, said in his speech to the meeting that: Allah has divided mankind into tribes so that they may know each other, and the best among them is the one who fears Allah most and does piety. The meeting ended with prayers of goodness to the people and the country.