A view of Toor Ghondai port and the common border with Turkmenostan

Wed, Feb 08 2023 7:20 PM


Acting Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs Alhaji Mullah Noorullah Noori and his accompanying delegation visited Islam Qala port, transit route and some border close points during their visit to Herat province. Mr. Noori met with the Commissioner of Toor Ghondai Maulvi Saleh Muhammad and other officials and took assurance about the process of transferring commercial goods through the railway and the relax movement of passengers and and about the coordination with Turkmenistan side. He gave useful recommendations to the border guards about the protection of the Islamic government and the security of the country's territorial integrity. Mr. Noori said: it is because of you that, all the people are sleeping peacefully, and it’s you who provent this country from illigal traffic and any kind of smuggling.