Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs

It Playing effective role in defense, inspection and protection borders and imaginary Durand line, Through Coordination and Cooperation of tribes, ethnicity and people in order to strengthen State national unity, territorial integrity, national Authority and independence.


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International Day for the Elimination of Violence 
Against Women: Nov 26 2018

2 months 1 week ago

ښاغلي ملانورالله نوري

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د سرحدونو او قبایلو چارو وزارت مشرتابه پرون سه شنبې د روان کال د کب میاشتي په ۱۳ نېڼه د حکومت د اطلاعاتو او رسنیو په مرکز کې له ملت سره خپلې کړنې شریکې کړې.