A trip to Mandol, a remote district of Western Nooristan

Sun, May 07 2023 3:28 PM


Saturday / 6/May/2023

Acting Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs Alhaj Mulla Noorullah Noori and his delegation met with the people, tribal elders and religious scholars in the center of Mandol district, during their visit to the mentioned district of Western Nuristan.

In this meeting, several people on behalf of the people of the district spoke and welcomed the visiting delegation. They mentioned that Mandol district is a far and hard reaching district, because of its raw roads, they asked the government to restore district's infrastructure and asked the government for attention and cooperation in the fields of education, health, agriculture and livestock.


After that, Mr. Noori, acting head of the ministry, said: Nuristan is the province that has always kept the battlegrounds of Jihad warm with its blood and sacrificed itself against the invaders. He thanked the people for their warm welcome and mentioned that it is his duty to listen to their problems and find solutions for them.

Mandol district has been deprived of many services due to its remoteness from the center Paron city and the rawness of the road. Most of the people of this district are working in livestock and agriculture. They say: The Acting Minister of borders and Tribal Affairs is the first high-ranking person who has come to us for our help and the one who listens to people closely. They were very happy with the visit of the delegation and shared their problems closely with them.