A meeting was held with tribal elders in Shinkai district

Sun, May 21 2023 11:24 PM


Al-Haj Mullah Noorullah Noori minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs met with the tribal elders of Shinkai, Ataghar and Syori districts during his official visit to Shinkai district of Zabul Province.

During this visit, acting minister, Mr. Noori, the deputy governor of Zabul, Muhibullah Hamas, Maulavi Abdul Qudous, a member of the scholar’s council of Zabul, the director of border and tribal affairs of the province, Abdul Karim Sahar, district commander of Shinkai, Nimatullah Shakib, district governor of Shinkai Zubair Agha, tribal elders and scholars were present.

At the beginning of the visit, several people spoke on behalf of the tribal elders. They said: by the blessing of Jihad and tribal unity we have defeated every invasion and the Islamic government is ruling now. They told we will not stop any cooperation with present government and we are ready to make any kind of sacrifice.


They asked the government to repair the main road of four districts and a big bridge.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Noori told the purpose of his trip, to listen to people's voice and their problems he said: Don't forget history, Afghans have heroes in every revolution. The people of these districts had embraced and saved Mullah Sahib, may God have mercy on him.

Referring to the value of the Islamic government, he said: With the arrival of Islamic government, nationalism and prejudice have disappeared and the chastity, honour and dignity of Afghans are safe.

He also added: Just as Jihad was our duty yesterday, now we have considered it a duty to protect the people, solve their problems, and serve them. According to the problems of the people he told: We will take your requests to the higher authorities for a solution.

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