Jirga & Coordination Deputy

Deputy Ministry  of Coordination of tribes and jirga Affairs in the Ministry of borders and tribal affairs
DM of Coordination of tribes and Jirga  Affairs is an important DM office is disputes of tribes to settled through Jirga in center and provinces and promote unity and brotherhood.
All the Main tasks of this deputy ministry are as follow:
-Promote Unity among tribes affairs to gain national goals.
-Analyzing and identification of tribes for creating peace process and national unity.
-Consolidation of national unity among tribes, explanation of government main goals and holding Jirga according to policies of MOBTA.
-Creation of close cooperation among tribes.
-Making public awareness of government activates relating to peace and security
-Continuous Peace process talks through Jirga among tribes
-Creating tribal councils as consolidation of  national unity for the activates of governmental structures.
-Strengthen national unity by creating tribal councils
-organizing  meetings  opportunities among government and border tribes for help and coordination
Advising government organizations for gaining national and political unity
-Analyzing and studying of the social, political and military issues of border tribes and coordination with some national and security organizations of government and giving effective tasks for them
-Settling tribal and regional disputes through tribal councils and Jirga.
-Implementing policies, decrees, enactments, guidelines in border regions.
- Identifying scholars for help in the leading section of Afghan society.
-Introducing guests for accommodation to the protocol department and evaluation of their registration.
-Preparing and distributing tribes cards to untitled people.
-Registration of Tribal councils.
-Continuously Receiving reports of tasks and activates of all provincial departments.