A meeting was held with scholars and tribal elders in Badghis province

Thu, Feb 09 2023 7:47 PM


During the official visit of the high-ranking delegation of the Ministry of Borders, and Tribal Affairs, a large public meeting was held in Badghis province to address the problems and unity of the people. The vice minister of Jirgas and Tribal Affairs of the ministry, Head of Planning and Policy, accompanied Delegation, Governor of Badghis Province, tribal leaders, religious scholars and the heads of all civil directorates participated in the meeting. At the beginning of meeting, the director of borders, and tribal affairs of the the province Maulvi Muhammad Qasim welcomed the delegation of the ministry, tribal elders, scholars and all the participants and added that the biggest responsibility of the Islamic system is keeping the unity of tribes and people. Maulvi Abdul Samad Javed, the governor of Badghis province, said in his speech: "The prejudiced circles are trying to create a gap between the government and people by spreading false propaganda, but this government have opened their hugs to all citizens and we will protect the government together." During the meeting, several people spoke on behalf of the tribal leaders and scholars of Badghis province and said: The strengthening of the Islamic system is the wish of every citizen of Afghanistan and this government has come after many sacrifices, following and standing by is our resposiblity. They asked the government for more attention in repairing highways, health care and water supplying parts. Alhaji Mulla Abdul Khaliq Abid, vice minister for Coordination of Jirgas and Tribal Affairs of the ministry, said during his speech: It is a very happy place that Allah has given Afghans an Islamic and independent government, people who tried in stablizing this government and gave sacrifices, they should be appreciated, orphans should be compassionated and the living should be cared for. He assured them about all their problems and added that this ministry is the voice of the people and we will convey your requests to the relevant officials. The meeting ended with a prayer for the unity of the country.